Our field operation team from United States of America helped more than 500 individuals and families to move easily and without stress in the country of unlimited possibilities. You can be the new member of our community now.


What is Adaptation Service and why do you need it?

Our experience confirms that immigration results in enormous stress in the first month for all people being in United States of America for the first time. The stress may come from leaving a familiar social context and all cultural habits, from entering a new country, culture and language, or from hard conditions endured before or during the transitional journey in USA. All new immigrants struggle to establish and re-establish themselves in the United States. Immigration Services is the pioneer company in offering a complex range of Adaptation services for individuals or families starting from zero in United States of America. Our Adaptation services include a wide range of services that will help you and your family adapt quickly to the new society without stress and pain.
We created this service because new immigrants usually have a lot of questions when they first arrive in the United States. They have many different impressions about the United States and it is very important for them to be able to talk and ask general questions about their new home. Our trainers needs them put all their worries behind them and prepare for their new life in the United States. This first session will address basic issues about life in the United States of America and life in the city where you will be resettled. It is our goal to make every new immigrant in United States of America to feel welcome and wanted.


Steps after arriving in USA:

  1. We will arrange pickup from Airport (NYC, Washington DC, Richmond,Va) all pickup requests have to be made at least 10 days prior to arrival;
  2. Arrival orientation which includes acquaintance with local culture and Beginner Online English Courses if necessary;
  3. Online training about American Culture and the differences you will experience from your Country’s culture first week after arrival;
  4. Training about local habits, food, culture and satisfying your elementary needs (banking, shopping, school, etc).


Services that our costumer often require via our 24/7 assistance:

  1. Settlement services orientation, information, assessment and referral;
  2. Document management (Receiving permanent card);
  3. Supportive counseling in difficult adaptation situations;
  4. Employment and educational counseling;
  5. Translation and interpretation in difficult situations;
  6. Group sessions on housing, education, health care, social assistance, legal assistance, immigration, citizenship, professional licensing and job search.


Our 24/7 Online Costumer assistance team also help new immigrants with:

  1. Assistance with Internet search, letters preparation, completing on-line applications;
  2. Newcomer Clubs, Support Group for Newcomers weekly group meetings for youth, seniors and other newcomers;
  3. Informing about group activities for newly arrived immigrants and refugees of all ages to help orient them to their new community and establish social and professional networks;
  4. Trained and experienced volunteer mentors assist, with focus on citizenship and civic engagement or skills and career development frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that answers the most commonly asked questions.

Immigration Services costumer assistance team works with all newcomers in adaptation period in United States of America. We handle 500 cases per year for people immigrating from more than 10 countries every year. Our specialized support services mean you’ll get off to the best start possible wherever you don’t know how to fill you Social Security application or you are not able to buy your first card insurance. Whether you’re migrating alone to United States of America or with your family, we make your adaptation period fast and stress-free.

Daily situations may be complicated when you are a newcomer and can often the simplest event for a local can be very overwhelming to many new immigrants. As advisory specialists with experience in immigration consulting, we ensure every detail of your question will be answered in a proper way.

Our Customer Care team provides fast, detailed responses to your questions 24 hours a day for the first month after arriving in United State! Our goal is to respond to each query we receive within the shortest time possible. Our advisers are giving life saving support when you are in difficult situations. Whenever our costumers are in difficult situations related to moving in a new country or to adapting to a new culture, our costumer support agents will find the best life saving solutions for your problems.