Adapting to a new life and culture can be challenging, and financial matters can be confusing for those who are new to the country and the American banking system. We know how you feel when you arrive in a new country. The Financial Assistance for Newcomers is created to offer you all the help you make settling in United States easier. Our Immigration Services advisers are here to offer the right solutions and advice – from setting up your bank account and managing your money, to building your credit history. The more you know about your financial options, the sooner you will prosper in your new home. We will assist you in finding the most suitable Bank for new immigrants with lower fees and flexible policies. Immigration Services will be your financial adviser to offer advises and map out a plan to help you reach your financial goals until you will stand on your own feet.


Our services include assistance in opening a Checking and a Saving account:

  1. Opening a bank account is often a good way to building your financial future in the United States. There are many benefits to opening an account with a bank rather than keeping it at home and depending on check-cashing services. A checking or savings account offers a number of benefits;
  2. Offers a safe place to keep your money Carrying cash or keeping it at home means it can be lost or stolen. Using checks or a debit card connected to your bank account is safer—and your cancelled checks or bank statements can provide proof of payment;
  3. Saves money Paying bills and making purchases using checks from your account or banking online is less expensive than using money orders, payday lenders and check cashing stores;
  4. Helps you build credit Having a checking and savings account helps show that you can manage money and helps you build a relationship with your bank. A good credit history can help you get loans and other credit at lower interest rates and as a customer of the bank, they can see it is safe to lend you money.


Advisory assistance for building a good credit history and applying for your first credit card:

Building a good credit history is very important in USA. It makes it easier to get the most competitive interest rates on loans, credit cards, and other financing. While many people who have already established good credit in their homelands, they can still find it difficult to get credit when they come to the U.S. lenders generally don’t—and because of privacy laws, often can’t—consider credit histories from other countries. Immigrationservices has a great experience in assisting new immigrants to build their credit history and building a strong relations with financial institutions.


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