Moving is no picnic. Moving to a new country can be even more difficult. Finding the right accommodation is perhaps one of the more complex tasks for a person who has recently moved to the U.S., especially because all landlords require you to sign at least a 1 year lease agreement and are asking for deposits. understands the power of housing as a foundation for life, that’s why we have created housing assistance Department that has grown into one of the largest and most effective service that we provide.

Our network of affordable housing facilities now includes 20 properties in 2 states and includes large urban complexes, small rural developments, elderly housing and multifamily housing . We help find housing for more than 200 people each year.  With a comprehensive continuum of housing services, we respond to the varied needs of individuals and families, from assisting those who plan to immigrate in United States to assisting new immigrants who just arrived in U.S

Providing a safe, stable housing for families and individuals to live allows us to also offer the services we are known for in settings where our clients and residents feel safe and cared for. Our success continues to help new immigrants to find a safe place to call home.


Housing assistance managers are ready to help in the following ways:

  1. We will help identify renting offers for you and your family and provide to you the best ones in order to choose what fits you best.
  2. We can also arrange temporary housing for first month, and after that assist you with finding a long term lease.
  3. We can negotiate prices for you with landlords and offer guarantees in case you need it.
  4. We can arrange you to share housing with other costumers we have, in order to spend less money for the firs period.

As we like to think about ourselves as one of the largest providers of quality, we provide – not only safe, affordable housing – but also the vital support services needed to accommodate in the USA. If you already have your immigrant visa in your passport and need help in finding a place to stay in USA, then you came to the right place.

Wherever there are new immigrants who need homes, will be there, extending a smile and a helping hand.
*At this moment all our accommodation locations are in Virginia Beach Metropolitan Area, Virginia.


Did you know?  Wichita, Kansas is the cheapest place in United States where you can rent an apartment.

Wichita, located along the Arkansas River, edges out Tucson by just a few bucks. The median rent price in Wichita is only $623 per month. Even two-bedroom apartments are inexpensive, with a median price of only $650. More than 50 aviation businesses operate in the Wichita area, where thousands of airplane parts are manufactured each year.