A Permanent Resident Card or a Green Card is a permanent visa to United States of America. Green Card gives you the status of a permanent resident along with legal rights to work in USA. Once you have a green card, you may apply for USA Citizenship after a few years of stay in USA. The Green Card does not affect your present citizenship status.

Green card gives you permanent U.S. resident status, which allows you the freedom to leave and return to the U.S., to seek employment, to study according to your wish. It gives you the same rights as an American citizen, and you can also retain your citizenship in your native country. With permanent resident status (green card), you can expand your business in America without any problems.

Each year, 50,000 immigrant visas (green cards) are made available through a lottery to people who come from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. This lottery is called the “Diversity Visa Lottery“, or “DV Lottery“.

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Our Registration Service for Diversity Immigrant Visa include:

  1. 100% GUARANTEED that your Diversity Immigrant Visa application will be verified and processed personally and individually by our processing department before submitting it to DV Lottery.
  2. We will take all necessary formalities from submitting the application to the receipt of your Green Card Confirmation Number.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation of the entry of your application, which will assure you that you participate at the DV lottery and will give you the possibility to check if you are a winner on our website.
  4. We send personal notification if you have win, thus guaranteeing your receipt of the documents even if you move (provided you let us know your new address).

It is very important to receive notifications because when it comes to the Green Card Lottery, there are three different years associated with each installment of the DV lottery: the year when applications are accepted, another year when the results are announced, and the year of the visa itself. Therefore, the results made available May 1, are for the applications submitted in previous year, and the official designation is current Diversity Immigrant Visa year. Winning results come in installment, meaning that even if you were not selected in May as a winner, the system can select you in second wave in June, that’s why very year few thousands of people miss their chance to immigrate in United States because they think they were not selected.

Our monitoring managers are checking closely each application every month from May to October, this way we make sure not to miss any winning notification and to give everyone fair chances to immigrate in United States of America.

If you won, then congratulations to you! You will receive a notification via phone from Immigration Services, then we will send you an appointment letter with information about your further immigrant visa process.

  1. Keeping you informed about all follow-up programs regularly and automatically.
  2. 24/24 advising in case you need assistance when filling the Green Card Application on our Website.

In 5 years we have not a Green Card application we have initially prepared and applied that was denied by the Department of State. The past performance of our expert team is a guarantee of future success, all our clients have enjoyed a 100% success application rate.


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