The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a United States Congressional mandated lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card. It is also known as the Green Card Lottery. The lottery is administered on an annual basis by the Department of State. The Program makes available 55,000 permanent resident visas annually to natives of countries deemed to have low rates of immigration to the United States. In order to participate in the Green Card lottery every citizen from eligible countries that meets specific Requirements has to submit an application  for him/her and his/her family.

Distribution and Lottery Process

A computer-generated, random drawing chooses selectees (Winners) for DV Program, all selectees will have to go trough an immigration procedure and in the end they will receive an immigrant visa from Local U.S. Embassy. The visas are distributed among six geographic regions, and within each region, no country may receive more than seven percent of the available DVs in one year. Visas are allocated to nationals of countries with historically lower rates of U.S. immigration. The visas are distributed on a regional basis, with each region sending fewer immigrants to the US in the previous 5 years receiving more diversity visas. Currently, Africa and Europe receive about 80% of the visas in the lottery.

Lottery Participation

There is a limited period of time during which you can register for the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program during each fiscal year. will apply for each applicant starting from the first day of that period. Each year, the Department of State publishes detailed instructions for entering the DV Program. These instructions include the dates of the registration period during which you will be able to enter your information for the Lottery. We work in strict accordance with the instructions made public by the Department of State every year. After your registration on our website, your application will be validated  and the entry will be submitted electronically on the Electronic Diversity Visa website during the specified registration period. No late entries or paper entries are accepted, that’s why we recommend you to answer our questions fast in case we need additional information to submit your application.  The law allows only one entry by or for each person during each registration period. The Department of State uses sophisticated technology to detect multiple entries. If you submit more than one entry you will be disqualified. After you submit a complete entry, you will see a confirmation screen containing your name and a unique confirmation number generated by our website. Print this confirmation screen for your records. It is extremely important that you keep your confirmation number. You can check the status of your entry directly on , and you will need it to proceed with future procedures to receive your immigrant visa.

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